"Gramma's" Spaghetti Sauce

Prep Time

This one takes some time, but is worth it!


Multiple dinners! Freeze meal size containers for weeks of easy go-to meals.


3 large cans organic tomato paste

1 can organic fire roasted tomatoes

1 can Del Monte original recipe (no added salt) stewed tomatoes

1 green pepper

1 small sweet onion

Salt, pepper, oregano, basil, red pepper flakes to taste

Pureed vegetables based on what you have on hand (I especially like to steam 1 zucchini, a cup of carrots, and a handful of baby spinach)


1 lb grass fed ground meat

1 egg

1/3 of the green pepper/onion mix from above

3/4 cup whole wheat bread crumbs

salt, pepper, oregano to taste


Puree diced and stewed tomatoes in food processor and add to sauce pot

Add tomato paste

Using one of the cans, add 7-8 cans of filtered water

Puree green pepper and onion together in food processor. Add 2/3 to sauce and reserve 1/3 for meatballs.

Add other pureed vegetables to sauce.

Add spices.

Bring to boil.

Reduce and simmer (stirring frequently) for 4-5 hours.


Combine all ingredients well with hands.  Form into balls and add to sauce about half way through cooking process.

Taste and continue to add spices and herbs to create your flavor to taste.


Adapted through many generations of our family!