Beef Brisket Tacos


3-4 lb. beef brisket (I like bone in but honestly it’s easier to pull if you get boneless so I leave that up to you)

1 tablespoon each of the following:

ground coriander

ground cumin

ground garlic

ground onion

ground smoky paprika

ground chipotle pepper powder

kosher salt

ground black pepper

½ cup brewed black coffee

½ cup red wine (nothing sweet, try cab or merlot or just that bottle on the counter you forgot about last week that you know you can’t drink but could  cook with – it’s perfect)

corn tortillas*, cilantro and limes for serving


Combine all the dry spice, ssalt and pepper and rub mixture all over the beef covering every exposed part. 

For the pressure cooker:

Place beef, coffee andwine in pressure cooker and set on high pressure for 40 minutes.  Depressurize, remove to a platter and letcool a bit, shred with two forks. Or, let depressurize naturally and keep on warm until ready to shred and eat.

For the crockpot:

place beef, coffee and wine in the crock pot and set on low for 10 hours or high for 5.  Remove meat to a platter and let cool a bit,then shred with two forks and serve.

* heat your corn tortillasin a cast iron pan over medium high heat to just start to brown on both sides and store in a tortilla warmer.


What about all thatcooking liquid???

here’s the chef thing to do with all of that cooking liquid, strain it and place in a pot on the stove, bring to a simmer and reduce by 2/3’s and pour over shredded meat to keep moist. Yum.


Andrea Rosenblatt of A. Chef's Cooking Studio