Build a Better "Meat & Potatoes" Meal

Prep Notes

Picky kids? Picky husband?  Or both?  They want their meat and their starch?   Try this...


Pick a protein:  Cook your meat of choice, but choose a healthy preparation.  Marinade in a bit of olive oil, fresh lemon or lime juice, water and spices of choice  -- and prepare by grilling, roasting or baking.  If they like it plain, or want to top it with less healthy alternatives like ketchup or bbq sauce, let them for now!  But set a good example by topping yours with toppings like pesto, salsa, guacamole, cashew cheese or spices of choice.  

Pick a better potato:  Bake sweet potatoes, or perhaps cube and roast the sweet potatoes as we do in "weekly prep".  Perhaps a purple Peruvian potato?  Your goal is to get color on the plate; anything void of color is likely void of nutrients!

Load on the vegetables - look for ideas in "side dishes" or use the roasted vegetables from your weekly prep to supplement your plate with extra goodness!  

Don't forget the healthy fat!  An ounce of full-fat raw cheese, finish the vegetables with a wonderful finishing olive oil, perhaps some toasted nuts... good, quality fats will not make you fat, but will add so much delicious flavor to your foods and be satiating at the same time.