Build a better breakfast (eggs)


1-2 pasture-raised eggs

1 piece of whole grain ezekiel bread or fresh-baked sourdough

a handful of spinach

1/4 avocado

1 tsp ghee

nutritional yeast (optional)

spirulina (optional)

sprouts (optional)


Toast bread

Meanwhile, heat ghee over simmer in pan

Place spinach in 1/2 the pan and crack the egg(s) in the other half

While spinach and egg are cooking, mash avocado onto toast

Stir spinach, flip egg, and turn off heat

Place spinach, then egg on avocado toast

Top with nutritional yeast and/or a sprinkle of spiralina and sprouts, if using


This breakfast can be any combination. Get creative day-to-day.  Use other greens and more of them and place the egg on top of the greens and eat with fork, forgoing the bread for an even healthier choice.  Heat some leftover vegetables and throw on top (aka omelette style).  Make avocado toast and have your egg on the side, or a different protein.  So many choices!

For those who are not familiar with nutritional yeast, it gives a "cheesy" taste but with a much healthier twist!