Prep a Protein


Pressure cook and shred chicken or turkey that can be used in tacos, quesadillas, on salads, in bowls or even sandwiches. Prep black beans, white beans, garbanzo beans, any color of lentils.  Grill or bake tofu.  Bake Tempeh.  Hard boil eggs.  What protein do you enjoy that can be made in a big batch and kept in your refrigerator to be used in so many ways throughout the week?  Make a really big batch and freeze some for a future week.  Life is busy, don't feel like your only choice is to put hours into a gourmet meal or punt with frozen pizza.  These strategies won't give you "guest impressing" meals, but they will give you delicious, quick, easy and nourishing ones.  

What proteins do you like and how can you leverage your time in this way?

Note:  For easy prep to for your meats, check out the pressure cooker recipes such as "Whole Frozen Chicken in a Pressure Cooker" and others that you can leverage!