Spaghetti Squash (Build a better pasta?)


Spaghetti Squash


Honestly, you can google "how to cook spaghetti squash" and get videos and a ton of instruction, but I'm all for keeping things easy and making it realistic, so here's what I do:

Preheat oven to 350 or 375 degrees (dependent on what else I have going into the oven)

Pierce spaghetti squash

Place on a baking sheet (I line it with foil or parchment for easy cleanup)

Bake approximately 30-40 minutes depending on size.  Smaller squash will cook more quickly than larger squash. Check the squash after 30 minutes to gauge cooking. The squash is done when tender: The squash is ready when you can easily pierce a fork through the flesh all the way to the peel. 

Allow it to slightly cool for comfort of touch, slice in half, remove seeds, and use a fork to "scrape and pull" (see picture) at the squash.  The flesh will separate easily into spaghetti-like strands.


As per my usual M-O, i do not hesitate to use 1/2 of it and put the other half in the freezer for a later date!

Spaghetti squash has a mild flavor. It's not something you'd necessarily serve all on its own, but it's fantastic when paired with sauces and other richly seasoned main dishes. I use it in place of pasta with my favorite red sauce, and typically throw in other vegetables, like zucchini, spinach, fresh tomatoes, herbs, etc.  I also love it layered in casseroles.  I even throw it into curries or use it as a base in stir fries!   If I'm serving the squash as a side dish, I usually toss the noodles with a little butter or olive oil to keep them from sticking, and season them with a little salt and fresh herbs.    A sprinkle of nutritional yeast on any of the above adds extra nutrients and a bit of that "cheesy" flavor.