Whole Frozen Chicken in a Pressure Cooker


1 3 lb. chicken, frozen

1 onion cut into four pieces

1 large carrots cut into two pieces

1 stalk celery cut into two pieces

1 bay leaf

5 parsley stems

10 peppercorns

2-3 cups homemade chicken stock or water and three Thelma Cubes

1 tabelspoon kosher salt


Put everything in the pressure cooker and set on high pressure for 35 minutes.  Remove chicken and discard skin and bones,shred meat.  Strain cooking liquid andadd chicken back to it for soup. Cook up some rice to go with it.

Or, just store your shredded cooked chicken in a container in the fridge, strain cooking liquid and store in fridge to use in your cooking all week long.  Use cooked chicken in salads, wraps, etc.


Andrea Rosenblatt of A. Chef's Cooking Studio