"Soul Gym" update ( May 7, 2017)

Update on the “soul gym” (or whatever we end up calling it!)…

I remain on target with my business plan including very similar offerings to those mentioned below. However, I have been slow-rolled on the timing.  Due to timing of summer hearings with the zoning department, I will not even know that I have the zoning approved and in hand until the end of summer at best.  As a result, it makes no sense to pour time and money into all that needs to be done to prepare the bigger business.

At first I struggled with this, but as God’s perfect plan would have it, I am now seeing it very differently.  First, there is no reason I would need to open the full offerings of the “soul gym” on any particular timeline.  Mostly, the pressure to make it happen was coming from noone by me!  And so, now that I have gotten used to the idea of sliding the timeline back, I am actually very excited to spend the summer (I get the property June 1) working out of the new house — seeing health coaching clients, starting to dabble in offering some workshops, feeling the energy of the space and connecting with it and really refining my vision for what is to come. I foresee much prayer and time in reflection.   If I get the zoning, I’ll be ready to do the property improvements, parking, etc. and move forward on executing all the start up aspects of the business soon after.  If I don’t get the zoning, well…..  hmmmm…  I guess I will acknowledge a re-routing of sorts.  If that happens, I have no doubt that would coincide with a clear vision of what the re-routing is, and I’ll go from there.  

Meanwhile, I’ll be gathering more and more information on how I can best serve this community of women, and am hoping we can all have some fun at that lovely property throughout the summer.  My own personal place to retreat when everyone is home for the summer.  (Hey kids, mommy has to go to work!!).  

Please continue to keep me in your thoughts, and constructive feedback always welcome! ;)   Hope this note finds you well. Love to your families.

Live radiantly!

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