Soul Gym Update/More to the Story/Inspiration?!

I’m not sure how it works or what it will look like. But even in the constraints of this new type of permit, I see a leading. I may not know exactly what the model and offering will be, but hey! at least I know what it won’t be (since those things aren’t allowed - ha ha). The new parameters will shape it, and in themselves bring clarity. For that I can be thankful.

Why am I even sharing all of this knowing I’m leaving myself completely vulnerable to attack, criticism, and perceived failure?

Three reasons:
  • Therapy for me.
  • Inspiration for you.  (Take what resonates and leave the rest)
  • To garner support.
Plus I'm grateful to be vulnerable because it feels like I'm alive.  And whether any of this is "successful" in the eyes of others, I am resigned to stand firm that I am a success, and that I am enough, as long as I am true to myself.

God continues to refine my trust.  To help me to release my attachment to the outcome.  To give me an adventurous spirit, one that embraces the journey.  

That almost sounds easy. But the journey doesn’t always have lightness and ease, and that’s ok.  Here’s an example.  Yesterday afternoon, I drove up to the “Soul Gym” (ok, there’s an attachment I clearly haven’t released), only to find that the storm had knocked over a tree, which was completely blocking the driveway.  I had a delivery to make, but I couldn’t even get to the property.  At the time, I saw that tree down before me as a blockade.  And a little piece of my soul died.  “Why me?  Why am I even doing this?”    And I couldn’t shake it.  I carried it into the evening, a heavy burden on my heart.  But I was with friends, and one wise soul offered “maybe it’s not a blockage, maybe it’s a sign to slow down and see what unfolds”.  It’s all in our perception, isn’t it?

It reminded me of something I once read.  We’re often so anxious to get out of the difficult, painful or challenging situations that we fail to grow through them.  We’re so fixated to get out of the them that we don’t get anything out of them.  We fail to learn the lessons God is trying to teach us or cultivate the character God is trying to grow in us.  

So what is the bigger picture?  It’s my passion to serve, to serve you, and to offer something I’m sure we all need, BECAUSE….   check this!   Our book club just finished reading Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  Despite the fact that this book was written in 1955, it is timeless.  She writes of a number things that directly relate to feeding the soul, and in ways that line up with my vision quite a bit. I’ll save those goodies for the next post. Something a little less heavy, and a little more “meat” on what I’m hoping to bring to the community.

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