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This is not a cry for your support. It’s a cry for your honesty.  Below in bold is a picture of what I am hoping to offer, one that incorporates the strict size limitations of the permitting.

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That’s why I’m so passionate about my vision for health coaching. I’ve already muscled through the discipline and created practical solutions to make living a healthy lifestyle easier. It could have been a fun process, but it wasn’t.  So my approach is sharing that knowledge in a peaceful setting, free of distraction. Picture a quiet, secluded, retreat-like property where just driving up already makes you feel like your stress is falling off. You are part of a community where women can come together to grow, expand and make necessary lifestyle changes with support and relationship. A community where education can be delivered, ideas can be shared, and where we can lean on each other for accountability. A community where we can be exposed to gentle forms of exercise. Maybe cook. Definitely eat.  We can learn.  We can laugh. We can share burdens. And we can explore the purpose we need to propel us out of bed with excitement long into old age.   You can do a coaching program in a small group or do it one-on-one and have me connect you with others who are doing the same. But no matter which you choose, you are supported. 

What I would like to know from you is this:
  • What areas of your life/health do you feel would benefit from a health journey, independent of whether you would join in or not?  (eg, I’m feeling overburdened; I’m stuck in a rut; I want to lose weight; I’m fatigued; I want better skin/hair; I have symptoms that my doctor wants to treat but I don’t want to take medication; I need to set boundaries;  I yearn for connection; I need guidance, support, or accountability; I want to age gracefully; I want to eat and feed my family better but it’s overwhelming; I want a greater spiritual connection; my kids are getting older and I’m looking to reconnect with purpose; I know I need to exercise but I just don’t do it/like it; I’m afraid of what my quality of life will be in my later years; I just want to look better and feel better in my body, etc.)
  • Is the offering below something that you feel would be valuable to you?  
  • Is the offering below something that you feel would be valuable to others?
  • If not you, but others, why not?  Is it the time and/or money? Do you see it as a luxury not a necessity?  Do you  not believe these things can be impacted by nutrition and lifestyle changes?  
  • And let’s not forget “I’m so good, I couldn’t happier” (God bless! I hope that’s all of you! I’ll sell the place tomorrow!)
Know that I will keep anything you send to me in the strictest of confidence and trust me! I won't hold you to coming!   Between my family demands and the size limitations, I could accommodate very few small-group programs at a time anyway.  (I plan to work a limited number of hours; the family comes first.)  What I’m trying to figure out is: IS IT WORTH FIGHTING THE COUNTY?   Maybe it’s not!  I am totally open to that.  

Ladies, I can say with sincere honesty that I am not looking to do this to make a bunch of money.  Obviously I need it to at least pay for itself, but my desire is to serve! I honestly just want to make a difference in the world. I have been on a valuable journey of my own, and I am equipped with knowledge to either help those in need or refer to who others who can.  Our “healthcare” (sick-care) system is broken.  Stress is at epidemic levels.  America is living on pharmaceuticals. Our food supply is a big part of the problem, and the odds are stacked against us.  We have lost touch with connection.  We are the first generation predicted to outlive our children.  And we are living shorter and dying longer.  I simply want more for me, for you, for our spouses and children and for our aging parents.

But it takes willingness.  And just maybe it isn't the time.  And I respect and get that!!!!  I’m sure some of you are thinking “dude, I just need to get through this day”, and many days I am right there in that boat with you.  So please give me feedback, and please be honest.  

For those of you who pray, please support me in prayer.  If this is not meant to be, or perhaps not be in this particular timing, may God please close this door.  If it is His will in this season, may God clear the way.   

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