Soul Gym Hearing Update: The Final Word

It makes no sense. In that we can agree.  I am tempted to share the detailed story, complete with the list of inaccurate information, troublemakers, and broken processes.  That would, however, be unproductive...  and while the situation with the property is heartbreaking, I am so inspired by the opportunity to see where this path I'm on will lead. And hey! If Option A isn't an option, let's kick the sh$t out of Option B!!

One wise friend reminded me of where this all started. A passion.  Then a vision.

"Make a difference. Create a community. Start a movement. Support women."

And I will add:  Make creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle easier and MORE FUN.

We may not be able to have a Soul Gym at 224 North Roscoe (and trust me I'm not looking to build or buy another one anytime soon), but this setback will far from stop my mission.

(After putting my family first) I will share helpful information and tips through my newsletter/blog.  I will open my schedule to take on a couple of new clients. And I will work on the "Retreat Day" to provide an impactful opportunity to learn, connect, enjoy and reset. 

The "where" remains to be seen, but another friend got me thinking when she wrote:
When Jesus said for people to assemble in his name, he never asked for fancy churches...just a gathering of people was enough. A gathering of women is a community... regardless where and how it happens. 

So true.

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