On Mindful Eating



Mindfulness is about roping in your attention and focusing in on one or two things at a time. Practicing this bring you to the present, which in turn releases anxiety of what the future brings and eases regret of the past. In the present, there is nothing else but what is happening directly and immediately around us.



Mindfulness is not difficult to do and with practice can be a habit you instill into every part of your day. I began practicing mindfulness with my food and then began to spread it into other areas of my life. 



When eating mindfully, simply turn off all distractions before preparing your food. Choose foods with intention, realizing you are choosing food for strength, energy, and health of this one body that you have. Perhaps you are preparing food for others in your life as well and notice your intention around preparing food for those you care for. When I consider preparing the food for my family, I think of how much I want to provide food that heals, strengthens, and lifts them to do what they want to - that day and all days going forward. Prepare the food with thoughts about where the food came from. The grocers, the farmers, the sun, the air, the fertile field, the miracle of life in the seed. That as you prepare this food, all of the world that is in it, is brought into you and your loved ones. 



As you sit down to eat, but before you begin, it’s good to take a pause to pray, or express gratitude for the food you are about to eat, and to breathe. Take three long, deep breaths in and out.



As you eat the food you’ve prepared, consider focusing on how the food looks and tastes and how it will strengthen and heal your body. Notice how long you chew your food and that there is a rhythm to your chewing. Notice those around you and how it feels to connect and share this meal with them. 



When you’ve finished your food, before jumping up and running to your next thing, notice how you feel, in body, mind, and spirit. 


Feel full, nourished, grateful. 


** Thank you Tammi Hoerner, https://www.headpositivemom.com, for this insightful guest post.  I have heartfelt gratitude for you and all you are doing for moms out there!  

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