How our needs shift with each season

Recently I blogged about my golden path. The golden path I shared is one that I created as I began facing a difficult trial. A season of grief, sorrow. The heat of summer. It was the daily actions I needed for "hunkering down". It was one of protection. Breathing, praying, yoga, quiet, contemplation. Our golden path changes with every season. It does not stay static. Being in touch with what we need in each season is vital to our well-being. So I reflect as I enter a new season.


In some ways, there is still a feeling of death.  In some ways there is rebirth, newness.  As I enter this new season of my life, the new season of Fall, I feel my golden path shifting.  With the new season, my golden path seems to cry for more aliveness.  Certainly some of my basics, what I call my sacred disciplines, still ring true -- nourishing food, nourishing movement, good sleep, soul care.  But the other elements feel more energetic, playful. Things like running to blow off steam.  Reconnecting with playfulness, getting social, accepting invitation, adventure, travel.  Space to create.  Seriously enjoying the moments I do have with my family. Connection. Joy.  Fun.


At the same time, much of the gentle nature of last season's golden path are still vital.  Prayer, yoga, rest, speaking and listening to pleasant words - they stay.   We do not move from one season to the next in an instant.   When the new day arises, darkness eases into light.  Our needs match our journey, as we are guided gently into new places.  A journey, not a destination, never arriving this side of glory.


As we enter Fall, as your life changes, as the children go back to school perhaps, as routines are forged, as new options come before you, I encourage you to reconnect to your needs - and to attend to them.  Do you know what they are?  What keeps you grounded?  What are the consistent elements in a day that goes well?  In a day that goes awry?  Can you reflect and identify what is truly important to you in your daily life?  What does your intuition say?  Ask and then answer with the intention to meet those basic needs.  You are worth it, and all those around you will be the beneficiaries of your mindful care.





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