Protect the Asset

"Self care" has become quite the buzz word lately.  It isn't really a new concept, but as our lives get more and more hectic in this fast-paced world, and we suffer more dis-ease as a result, the more prevalent its importance.  Many tend to write off "self care" as a luxury, but perhaps looking at it from a slightly different angle will help.  

The best asset we have to for making a contribution in this world is ourselves.  If we underinvest in ourselves -- our minds, our bodies and our spirits - we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution.


Take sleep as just one example.  One of the most common ways people (especially ambitious people) damage the asset is lack of sleep.  What about you?  Think about the last week.  Were there any nights you slept less than 7 hours? If you say yes, and you're proud of it, consider that -- while there are a few outliers out there - it is scientifically proven that most people are not maximizing their effectiveness by cutting their sleep.  I would go as far as to challenge you with this:  if you sleep less and feel pretty much ok, are you perhaps just so used to being tired that you've forgotten what it feels like to be fully rested!?  Imagine what you could do in the world if you gave yourself the fuel to explore, thrive and perform!   


If the thought of "protecting the asset" so you can make your "highest contribution" is calling to you, but you don't know where to start, perhaps consider these ideas:


What else can you do to fuel that tank?  Anything that slows down the speed of life and helps you to live in the present moment. This may look like the following: clearing unnecessary tasks from your schedule, deep breathing, gratitude journaling, going for sunrise and/or sunset walks, yoga, star gazing, spending more time in nature, more downtime, more activities that spark joy, setting healthy boundaries, spending less time with people who complain and gossip a lot, less screen time especially at night, going to bed by 10 instead staying up to be "productive", taking “me” time, and more. Whatever helps you to slow down and get back in sync with natural rhythms will protect you and will translate to positive benefits in nearly every area of your life.  


As with everything I suggest, pick one thing and then add as you can.


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