My "Aha" Moment of Gratitude

I had an interesting moment on Thanksgiving day. I attended a morning gratitude yoga class. It was wonderful for my body and felt so good. The teacher was fabulous, the environment was warm and beautiful, my heart was thankful for the practice of yoga and it's ability to rid my mind of distraction, I was excited to be in that mind space, and I was ready to fill with gratitude. But over the course of the class, I found that something was desperately missing for me.


Our forefathers established Thanksgiving to set aside a full day dedicated to being thankful to the Lord.  It was a day of prayer and celebration.  Their lives were hard as they forged new ground, and their hearts overflowed with gratitude for God's provision.  Thanksgiving was founded to be thankful to God!


As I practiced, no matter how beautiful it was, and it was beautiful, my heart longed for the the Word.  My tongue longed to praise.  My ears longed to hear worship music.  


In this moment, my heart filled with gratitude for Holy Yoga.  Oh, to have had that extra element of praise and worship in that lovely community class.  Oh, to have had the living water I thirsted for on a dry morning during a tough season.


I have to be honest.  Sometimes I don't feel like preparing and teaching my Holy Yoga class.  In all honesty, I'd rather take Holy Yoga than teach it!  But this experience brought a whole new meaning to the service in which I have been called.


Thank you Holy Yoga for a practice that nourishes not just my body, but the core of my soul.  Thank you for a way to get into community and awaken my Spirit. 


I think I know what I'll be doing on Thanksgiving morning next year...

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