Protect the Asset

"Self care" has become quite the buzz word lately.  It isn't really a new concept, but as our lives get more and more hectic in this fast-paced world, and we suffer more dis-ease as a result, the more prevalent its importance.  Many tend to write off "self care" as a luxury, but perhaps looking at it from a slightly different angle will help.     The best asset we have to for making a contribution in this world is ourselves.  If we underinvest in ourselves -- our minds, our bodies and our spirits - we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution. Read More

Integrative Nutrition

Saying Yes to Becoming Your Own Boss

Setting your own hours, doing work you love, and sharing your true passion are all perks of being your own boss. While it may seem overwhelming to make the step to becoming the leader of your success, as your own boss, you now have the ability to manifest your future and create the life you’ve dreamed of. Read More

What is your body saying? What is your heart saying? (A live share)

Eating foods from the Earth

Synchronicity is a funny thing. A couple of weeks ago, I launched a biblically-based health coaching group for teenagers at our church Co-op. At the same time, I decided to jump on board with Eleven22’s Daniel Fast. I found myself digging into bible, searching for God’s principles for living well, starting with food. What I’ve found to be fascinating is how simple eating for wellness actually is, despite how complicated it seems when you rely on Google. Read More

Integrative Nutrition

The Health Benefits of Laughing

At IIN, we teach the importance of joy in living a healthy and balanced life. Health isn’t just about eating kale and getting proper exercise; it’s equally important to relax, play, and laugh. We’ve all heard that “laughter is the best medicine,” and it’s true! Read More

Stress:  what every woman (everyone) needs to know

Your health is very likely affected by stress, even if you don't think it is.  Take my story as an example.  When I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2012, a comment I consistently heard from friends and family was:  "how can you  have cancer? You are so healthy!?"  At first, I thought "I know, right?"   But during that cancer journey, I embarked on some alternative therapies, one in which the practitioner used technology to measure my stress (through a measurement of my nervous system).  What she said next really surprised me. Read More

Integrative Nutrition

Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

You wake up at 3am with your heart racing. You have a pit in your stomach. You feel restless, light-headed, and hot. Your mind starts to race, and before you know it, you’re worrying about the list of things that need to be done tomorrow. Though mind and body reactions may vary, these symptoms are often an indication of anxiety. Read More

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