About Holy Yoga


What is Holy Yoga? 


Holy Yoga is a physical practice of musculoskeletal alignment combined with breath work and mindful intention of reliance on God.  Whether a beginner or a regular practitioner, I urge you to try Holy Yoga!  It is a beautiful Hatha practice with so much to give — building foundation at any skill level, creating flexibility, building strength, reducing stress, and many other health benefits all with the added “key component” of soul feeding.  It is an amazing practice that nourishes your body and mind and facilitates the worship and celebration of God through movement, biblical meditation, and fellowship. 


Grab your mat, join a class, and say Aaaaahhhhhh....



For more information, watch my short video describing the practice at http://transformandradiate.com/service/blog/2018/05/24/what-is-holy-yoga or go to https://holyyoga.net


For invitations to classes, follow me on instagram (@transformedandradiant) which feeds also to facebook (/Transform and Radiate)


If you are interested in setting up a private or semi-private class, contact me at cheryl@transformandradiate.com