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For the truly vulnerable version of my story, check out:  http://transformandradiate.com/service/blog/2018/02/05/im-a-beautiful-mess-my-story


My Personal Journey from Candy (and White Bread and Pasta and Potatoes and...) to Kale

It felt very rewarding when I traded my high-power corporate job for the opportunity to care for my family…at first. But when the kids went off to school and everything in the house was organized, I kept feeling like I should be doing more for society.

What began as “I need to do more with my education and experiences” somehow quickly morphed into “there isn’t enough time in the day”. With household chores, getting the A+ workout, running errands, volunteering at the school, preparing meals, and running kids around to a seemingly endless array of activities, it was nearly impossible to figure out how to navigate the endless list of “to do’s”. I’d become — SUPERMOM - and I would think “what happened?” I had left my corporate office job, but somehow I was still stressed out, frazzled, irritable, and fatigued. My schedule was so full that hitting an unexpected red light sent me into a tizzy. And where was my confidence? Tied to that elusive “purpose” I wasn’t finding.

And my health was not sustainable for the long, vibrant life I wanted. And that wasn’t ok.

I was serving the house, the kids and the schedule but I was disconnected from my husband, my faith and myself.

I had to snap out of it.  

So I went to work. I found easier, more practical ways to eat healthy. I changed my relationship with exercise. I relooked at my use of time. I set boundaries for myself. I drew close (and became powered by) my faith.  I was feeling alive again. I was transforming. With newfound time and energy, I went in search of my purpose. It was time to radiate.

The changes were not easy because there didn’t seem to be a “one stop shop” for direction, and it felt like a lot of work. More than that, it didn’t seem like my struggles were being validated or supported. So I was working through the feelings, the challenges and the solutions on my own. It felt heavy and lonely, so I can completely understand why women are hesitant to do it.

That’s why I’m so passionate about my ultimate vision for health coaching. I’ve already muscled through the discipline and created practical solutions to make living a healthy lifestyle easier. It could have been a fun process, but it wasn’t.  So my approach is sharing that knowledge in a peaceful setting, free of distraction.  You are part of a community where women can come together to grow, expand and make necessary lifestyle changes with support and relationship. A community where education can be delivered, ideas can be shared, and where we can lean on each other for accountability. A community where we can be exposed to gentle forms of exercise. We can cook. We can eat.  We can learn.  We can laugh. We can share burdens. And we can explore the purpose we need to propel us out of bed with excitement long into old age.   You can do a coaching program in a small group or do it one-on-one and have me connect you with others who are doing the same. But no matter which you choose, you are supported.

The key is finding the women who want to radiate enough to take the first step in transformation.  And that will come with its challenges, but I know it’s critical with the deteriorating health of Americans.  I don’t know where this next journey will take me, but I do know that my real purpose is to serve God and others, and I’m very grateful that He has given me a platform to live it out in my family and with women like you.

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

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