Let me start by saying thank you to Cheryl  x a zillion!  I feel truly transformed, alive and radiant!  I have conquered more battles than I can even count.  I’ve gone from not cooking to creating delicious, nutritious meals daily in a completely doable way with all the tools I have gained in my health coaching journey.  I have quit eating habits that I’ve wanted to rid myself of forever.  I have let go of many things in my life that were not serving me, and I have created a simplified and fulfilling environment and lifestyle.

Better organization (through meal prep, time blocking, letting go, am/pm routines, space) has created a life in balance. To me, that means MORE FUN and LESS STRESS:)

Cheryl was able to help me work toward my goals by changing my perception about many different things, such as time management, nutrition, exercise, letting go, relationships, faith, environment, space, and even my career. Cheryl has also worked with me through health issues and provided me with resources to explore alternative treatments. 
Overall, I feel lighter, less stressed, and more happy and healthy.  I know I am “radiating” because others have commented that I have a more  positive outlook, a greater sense of calm, am more organized, and having more fun!

Cheryl is kind and generous! Her attention to my personal needs and goals is amazing! She is a wonderful support and has connected me with others (Soul Sisters) with similar interests and goals.  I would recommend my coach to anyone who would like to make a positive change in their life. Cheryl gives you the support and guidance to make small, doable changes that add up to big results - and a full toolkit to stay there!


Jen Huppert, 2018



For years, I have lived in survival mode, tossing fast food at my kids as we zoomed from one place to another, calling housework and errands my daily exercise, and burning the candle at both ends just to find a moment of peace and quiet at the end of long, demanding days that took everything I had (and everything I didn’t.) Exhaustion was my normal for so long, it took serious health issues to seek out change, knowing if I didn’t do something, I’d end up a collapsed heap of human, physically and mentally out of commission and totally useless to anyone.


Hiring a health coach turned everything around for me, but hiring Cheryl as a health coach was above and beyond the experience I thought I was signing up for. We’re all our worst critics, but Cheryl is the opposite. She’s like a fairy godmother who helps you reach higher, strive harder, and be your best self with nothing but love and encouragement in the process. What I anticipated to be a grueling six months played out in a way that was grounding, rewarding, exciting, and FUN.


Cheryl was consistent, patient, and inspirational. She equipped me with practical tools, provided information specific to my needs, and connected me to a community of “soul sisters” who are on their own unique journeys of transformation.


My day to day demands haven’t changed, but I now live in an improved state of balance, nurturing my body and spirit through more sleep, better nutrition, and exercise that I love and enjoy. I am energized, mindful, centered, and so much happier. I am leaner, crave good foods, and cook more conscientiously for my family—which means we are all healthier as a result of Cheryl’s coaching. She continues to be a valuable resource through her blog, social media, and newsletters, and I am beyond grateful for my experience with her. I truly do feel transformed and radiant.

--Amy Maughan, 2018




I have to say, Cheryl is amazing!  If you ever wondered if you need a health coach the answer is "YES!"  The world would be a nicer place if everyone had Cheryl in their life.


This journey has exceeded all of my expectations.  Not only am I eating cleaner/healthier, I am enjoying it too!  I also went from practically no exercise to incorporating at least 5 days a week of physical activity.  (This, in itself, is a small miracle.)  I actually crave getting this body moving now.   I also am able to listen to what my body needs.  

That is not all Cheryl did for me though.  The biggest surprise to me was this journey truly was about mind, body & spirit.  Cheryl opened my eyes in so many ways.  She helped me by providing information, listening to my thoughts & feelings, encouraging me and making me feel loved.  I am even looking at my actions in a new light.  She allowed me to be vulnerable without any judgement and even provided stories of her her own to help me know I am not alone.  Cheryl made me a better person and I am so very grateful for her and this program.


Stacey Manning, 2017



From the Heart

Cheryl, you know how much you have changed my life (physically, mentally and spirituality)! I think anyone who is interested in putting the time and effort into your program would greatly benefit from your coaching. There is a ripple effect, each individual who benefits from your coaching, then passes this healthy lifestyle on to their friends and family, then it becomes a community of happy and healthy people!


Cheryl is a guiding light in my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Each session has developed a new awareness in my physical, mental and spiritual life. I truly value the time and efforts of Cheryl to keep me moving forward on this fantastic adventure! 

& Radiate

My family and friends have not only noticed a change in my physical appearance, but have mentioned they see a more positive and energetic person.  I also am seeing an impact on my husband.  We eat more at home, he is open to trying healthier foods, he has more energy, and that is resulting in more exercise and loss of weight.  I do feel that I am transforming personally and radiating into the lives of those around me.

Jen Huppert, 2017